HealthGroup West is a specialized consulting firm that provides market research, business planning and strategic managerial support to healthcare organizations seeking to grow and improve their specialty service lines. Our client base includes rural community hospitals, multi-hospital not for profit health systems, large academic medical centers, and a wide variety of physician practices.

We have advised hundreds of hospitals, physician practices, and industry organizations on growing and improving systems of cardiovascular, orthopedic, radiology, women's services, cancer care, and surgical care. Our strengths include strategic planning, market research, facilities & operations development, financial planning, physician alignment strategies, and quality improvement.

Our consultants have expertise and provide rapid, on-target response. Our clients receive seasoned senior consultant attention and a “boots on the ground” execution team, day in and day out – because planning is only half of our success formula. Our greatest value comes in helping our clients execute the plans we develop together.

By addressing clients’ quality interests, in unison with the business demands of modern healthcare, we assist physicians and hospitals in increasing the value and sustainability of their services. Contact us today for more information and to find out how HealthGroup West can help you meet your organization’s objectives.

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